Morning Drop Off Procedure

·      Drop off begins at 7:25am and ends at 7:45. After 7:45 students are considered tardy.  When students are tardy, parents must pull into a parking spot and come into the building to sign their children in.

·      Cars and buses will line up in the drop off lane (to the left of the fire lane) in the order they arrive.

·      Staff will be present out front to assure kids get out of cars safely.

·      Students may not leave their car unless their car is in the drop off lane.

·      All students will now enter through the main doors and grab their breakfast on their way to class.


Afternoon Bus Rider Procedure

·      Buses will arrive at 2:05 and park in the fire lane.

·      Bus students and walkers will be dismissed to load buses at 2:08 from their classrooms.

·      Once all students are loaded, the bus will exit at the end of the fire lane.


Afternoon Car Rider Procedure

·      Parents that are picking up students will need to pull up, in the order that they arrive, in the drop off and pick up lane.

·      Parents should not get out of their vehicles for dismissal.

·      Staff will walk down the line and get students names from parents and call student names into the office and students will be dismissed one at a time.

·      At 2:10 preschool – first grade students should head to the middle school café for dismissal.

·     At 2:10 second grade – 8th grade should head to the gym for dismissal.

·      Students will be called out to get in cars 10 at a time until all students are gone.

·      Once students are loaded into cars, cars will leave one at a time.