COVID POLICY October  2022

Staff or student positive for COVID:

The staff/student member should remain home for isolation for five days AFTER testing COVID positive or date of symptom onset, whichever is first, with the day of positive test or symptom onset being day zero and the following day being day 1 (day one) of isolation.  The staff/student may return on day 6 (day six), however a mask should be worn until day 10.

Family member of staff/student tests positive for COVID:

Staff/student may come to school if they do not have any signs of COVID.  If additional family members test positive after the first family member’s positive test, the staff/student may continue to attend school as long as the staff/student remains WITHOUT symptoms and does not test positive for COVID. A mask should be worn for 10 days after a family member's onset of symptoms.

 If staff/student tests positive, the staff/student should remain out of school for 5 days of isolation.  If staff/student develops symptoms, they may test for COVID, and, if positive, remain out of school for 5 days of isolation.