2017 – 2018 School Board Goals

In additional to the activities and tasks undertaken by the Winchester School Board at its bi-monthly School Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, and Special Joint Meetings with staff and others, and also working to achieve informal goals, the School Board has established the following five goals:

Goal I: To review and update the School Board Policy Manual.

The success of this goal will be measured by two criteria.

First, the School Board will adopt, amend, or rescind a minimum of 40 policies by June 30:

Second, individual Board members will (read) review a minimum of 200 policies by June 30. The Policy Committee will provide a list of policies to be reviewed.

Board members will provide an update to the School Board Chair the second Board meeting of each month.

In July, the Board will evaluate the success of this goal.

Goal II: Define a School Board Mission and Vision Statement and implement them through School Board actions.

The success of this goal will be measured by the posting of the School Board’s Vision and Mission Statement by the second meeting in July.

At the second meeting in July, the Board will evaluate the implementation of these statements by providing a minimum of 10 examples of Board actions that were consistent with them.

Goal III: Strengthen a Culture of “togetherness” through collaboration, appreciation and recognition.

Evidence of meeting this goal will be demonstrated by, but not limited to:

Recognizing staff/students for their accomplishments at School Board meetings;

Inviting staff to share their successes at Board meetings, engage/participate in school activities/event

Work collaboratively with staff on various committees;

Utilize the District website to promote inform the public of the successes happening in the school and accomplishments of the School Board.

The success of this goal will be measured by demonstrating a minimum of 8 recognition/presentations and School Board meetings; Providing 6 examples of results achieved through collaborations at committee meetings, Publishing a minimum of 8 postings on the district website highlighting the accomplishments of students/staff and/or successful programs; and, attendance of each School Board member at a minimum of 4 school related activities by June 30th.

The Board will evaluate the attainment of this goal in July 2018.

Goal IV. Review Job Descriptions for the Superintendent, Business Manager, Principal, Vice Principal, Curriculum Coordinator and Technology Director.

Goal V: Establish 4 new goals for the 2018 – 2019 School Year by the second meeting in August.

Kevin Bazan, School Board Chair

Lindseigh Picard, School Board Vice Chair

Valerie Cole

Ben Kilanski

Steve Thompson